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                       Affordable Audio Mastering
by our Engineer Ralf Rabendorn

Audio Mastering

You need a professional sounding master of your entire album (length up to 79 minutes), your EP or for just one song?
You don't have much money, but you want a good sounding master anyway? Well, read on.

I am mastering albums and songs for all kind of genres (Blues, Alternative, Dark Ambient, Jazz, Rock, Concrete, Noise etc)

Loudness is not everything. Dynamics are much more important and I always try to keep them alive.
Of course I will also push the loudness as far as possible, as long as the music is still able to breathe.
The most time-intensive work in mastering is using different EQ and settings within one song, beside a couple of multi copmressors and other devices. I do NOT use automatic software settings that do the job. I use my ears and my experience.

I am also a friend of seamingless/gapless concept albums (no simple fade in/out).
I put a lot of effort in it, but of course this also depends on YOUR material 
It's always worth a try. If you want me to give it a try, let me know.

I only work with uncompressed files (Wave files etc), so please don't send MP3's. I will only accept them, if you have lost the original files.

To make audio mastering affordable here are the standard prices: 
15€ for ONE song (up to 9 minutes)
55€ for an EP up to ca. 30 minutes (EP= 1-5 songs)
80€ for a full length up to ca. 60 minutes
90€ for a full length up to ca. 79 minutes

extra 10€ for complete DDP Image for pressing plant (the new standard).
                 You must send the codes & data, you want to have included

extra 10-20€ for Gapless audio mix: depends on the complexity and the time I need to invest!
extra 15€ if you want a physical CD of your master

(You can pay with PayPal, Bank Transfer or even Cash)
message me here <----

These prices should be very low, especially when you consider how many days I will spend with your tracks
I try to keep these prices as low as possible, cause I am a musicians...I suffer, like you!
From time to time I HAVE TO increase them.... just a little bit.

You will receive a prof. audio master file with synchronized CD indexes
 (red book is included in the standard price or DDP image for a little bit extra cásh) or individual tracks in 16 or 24 bit.

If you need a physical Master CD, I have to charge extra fees (shipping and registered package included)

Payment AFTER you have received a sample of a mastered part of one of your tracks
but BEFORE I continue to finish the entire album. Long time customers don't need to pay first.

The mastering is a very important step,
therefore I will always rework on a master for no extra charge, if you should not be completely satisfied!

message me here <----

PS: Name & Genre dropping:
Testphasn negativ (Post-Industrial, Dark Ambient), Black Hole Raven (Classic Rock, Blues), The Infinite Three (Industrial Rock), Ralli Rock (Blues Rock), Ralli Rock & The Moan of the Sky (Classic Rock, Blues Rock, Blues), The InSect (Post Punk, Goth Punk Rock), CIAN (Experimental, Looping), Seven Morgues (Post Industrial, Ritual, Occult), Infinitus Ensemble (Avantgarde, Krautrock), Silverfox (Rock to Ambient), Lunalilith (Post Rock), R.J. Schrey (Noise & Ambient),  and a few more